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Cosmas Buying L'OREAL America factory

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Korean Cosmasbuy L'OREAL America factory
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South Korean cosmetics company U. s.poetry Cosmax days before the purchase of L'OREAL in the United States a factory, which is u. s.poetry continue to increase the layout of the prelude to the world.
In January 2014, L'OREAL group sold the factory for $7 million 300 thousand. In this regard, the industry has said that L'OREAL sold a very good price. It is reported that two years ago, L'OREAL announced the closure of the factory, and started the production equipment transferred to Kentucky and New Jersey, so the announcement from L'OREAL to sell U. s.poetry purchase is completed, the formalities handled very quickly.
The factory in Solon, Ohio, USA, was once famous in the industry. Arnold and Sydell Miller here developed the famous matrix Matrix Essentials Xihu series the largest factories would have hired more than 1400 employees. In 1994, Sydell Miller will be sold to the factory production matrix brand together with Bristol Myers Squibb Company (Bristol-Myers Squibb), 2000, L'OREAL from Bristol Myers Squibb bought matrix.
South Korean companies are increasingly interested in the American market
Han Guoke silk beauty of poetry was founded in 1990, is a company with excellent R & D capability based professional enterprise engaged in the development of new technologies, new products, is South Korea's largest cosmetics factory in the world top 10. The money to buy Solon production plant, is the industry as the U. s.poetry part in business expansion.
The company will start hiring soon, and plans to hire 47 full-time staff, 99 part-time staff and some temporary workers by 2015.
As in the United States, there are many Korean cosmetics companies in the United States market has no small expectations. South Korea's high-end skin care brand, amarte, which sells natural ingredients such as sulfur and ginkgo vinegar, has recently announced its foray into the US market and has commissioned 5W to offer market media services to the US public relations firm. It is understood that Chinese medicine research background will be the focus of these Korean companies in the United States publicity, and to anti-aging and skin repair products mainly push.
She plans to build third factories in China
Not long ago, the company also announced plans to build third factories in China, but gave no details.